In this week’s episode of Destination Gulf Coast, I found myself back in Mississippi, and unlike last week’s episode at the Aquarium, I was the one who was all wet, as we took a trip to the Gulf Islands Water Park in Gulfport. The Gulf Islands Water Park is a wonderful place to take a trip to, especially if you’re in need of escaping the Gulf Coast summer heat and humidity.

When I arrived, I was met by the General Manager of the Gulf Coast Water Park Mark Moore who enthusiastically told me about all the awesome water slides that they feature, because in Mark’s words “We’ve got something for everybody here at the water park. It don’t matter whether you’re a big kid, or a little kid, 8 to 80, we got you covered!” Mark also went on to tell me about the delicious food that they feature at the Gulf Islands Water Park, so naturally I made it a point to sink my teeth into a delicious double cheeseburger, hot off the grill!

After speaking to Mark, it was time to have some fun, so I immediately made my way to the Horn Island Blaster, which is the Gulf Coast’s first and only water roller coaster and takes you through more than 500 feet of twists and turns, at greater than 45° degree drops and gravity-defying uphill blasts! To say that ride was exhilarating would be an understatement! I wanted to get back on, but there were more rides to for me to try! Before long, I found myself enjoying every ride at the park including the Camille Cutter, the Deer Island Express and my favorite, the Riptide Racer where you can plunge headfirst and race up to 5 of your friends on a 45-foot waterslide!

I had an amazing time at the Gulf Islands Water Park, and if you are looking to escape the heat on a balmy summer day, I couldn’t recommend any place better that this! Here’s a bit of a pro tip though, the tickets are cheaper if you buy them in advance! However, whether you buy your tickets in advance or decide to just show up on a whim, nothing is better than beating the heat on a lazy river at the Gulf Islands Water Park, in Gulfport, Mississippi. For more information on the Gulf Islands Water Park including seasonal ticket prices go to