Theo: Whats up everybody, it’s your boy Theo Williams. We’re back at it with another episode of Destination Gulf Coast, brought to you by Mountain Dew! Today, we’re at the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo. We’re about to have a great time, so let’s join in the fun!

Theo: Alright guys, now we’re getting ready to go into the South American Adventure where they hide all the sloths. I can’t wait. We’re about to go find them but shhhh, we got to be quiet. We don’t want to disturb them. So, let’s go!

Theo: His name is Gus, which is short for Fungus, but I’m pretty sure there’s no doubt that he’s a pretty fun guy… Get it, Fungi… ahhh! Gus gets it.

Theo: Alright guys, now I’m here with the Executive Director of the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo, Joel Hamilton. Thank you so much for joining me today!

Joel: Oh, you’re quite welcome. We had a great day!

Theo: We had a phenomenal day, I got to see a whole bunch of really cool things. I’ve seen lemurs, I’ve seen turtles, I’ve seen everything that you could possibly imagine! How about you tell the people why this place is so special.

Joel: Well, first of all, we’re a phenomenal zoo here in Gulf Shores, right up the road from the beach. But we’re here to teach people about the environment. Hopefully people come here, see the animals, interact with our staff, and go away inspired to do something about our environment.

Theo: I had a great time at the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo. I know this is supposed to be work for me, but I’m really just horsing around. Get it? Horsing… ahh. I’m Theo Williams for Destination Gulf Coast, brought to you by Mountain Dew.