All Aboard for Destination Gulf Coast on the USS Alabama Battleship

Destination Gulf Coast

As COVID-19 travel restriction continue this summer, we are showcasing local attractions and locations for a summertime “Staycation.” This week’s Destination Gulf Coast is Mobile’s USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park!

Battleship Memorial Park, located off the Causeway and I-10 Bayway Bridge, has reopened and with more than 40 acres of space to move around outside, it is becoming an increasingly popular daycation for people of all ages.

Since opening in 1965, USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park has welcomed more than 18 million visitors. And it did not take long for people to begin coming back once COVID-19 restrictions were eased.

“As of the end of June we had 49 states represented. Only Rhode Island did not send a visitor, but you never know,” says the park’s executive director, Janet Cobb.

Cobb says while the Battleship Alabama and USS Drum submarine may be the big draws… there is a lot more to see and do.

“We have over 28 aircraft of all different eras, our beautiful grounds our bird observatory, the 40 acres in the front, a fishing pier. Some people just come to fish off the pier or to fly a kite,” says Cobb.

The park is also a great place to see wildlife. “We are proud of our ecosystem here you’ll see Canadian geese, you’ll see turtles, you’ll see alligators,” says Cobb.

You’ll also “see” history unfold before your eyes as you walk through the Medal of Honor Aircraft Pavilion, where you’ll find a historic video, 28 various aircraft including a helicopter used by 6 recent U.S. presidents, and stories of many of the people who served our country. And, if you want to have a little action yourself, check out the FA18 Hornet simulator which takes the riders on a simulated Blue Angels’ training mission.

Battleship Memorial Park is taking necessary safety measure during this pandemic. There are numerous hand sanitizing stations at the park, social distancing is encouraged, and park staff are enforcing of the city of Mobile’s new mask ordinance, so if you are planning a visit… mask up! For more information on the park go to their website


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