PRICHARD, Ala. (WKRG) — A family is grieving after a senseless act of violence on Christmas Eve.

Prichard Police says Quincy Kemp, 40, is dead and a woman, Shanda Sashington, is in critical condition following a shooting on Beck Ave. on Christmas Eve. When they arrived on scene, Kemp was already pronounced dead.

Three of Kemp’s sisters spoke with WKRG News 5 today. They say Kemp was a member of the Olympia & port city brass bands, music being something very near and dear to him as a trumpet player. They say they are just devastated by this loss and that the other victim who remains in critical condition, Sashington, was Kemp’s girlfriend.

The family says they don’t understand why someone would want to take such a violent action against Kemp. His sister Allura Wheeler said, “He wouldn’t hurt anyone because he we nonconfrontational. If anyone tried to confront him or try to fight, he was always the type of guy to talk you out of it. He was just a great guy he really was.”

The family, frustrated with the investigative process and are urging Police to release more information about the case, :”He never had a chance and now we want justice. We want answers from Prichard, we want answers from the mayor, we want answers from the people that run this city. We need answers. It is only a matter of time because the streets are talking.” said Higgins.