MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Chef Bill E. Stitt, owner of BILL-E’s in Fairhope, whipped up his feature Holy Cow Burger with Meteorologist John Nodar.

View all of BILL-E’s offering’s here. They’re still open for to-go orders.



Supplies: Sautee skillet for sauce, Tongs, 1/2 cup measuring cup, kitchen towel, works best with gas appliances


1 8 oz fresh ground beef

2 T Course Ground Black Pepper

1 oz Melted butter

1/2 oz White wine

1/2 cup Heavy whipping cream

3 Onion slices cut into quarters

1 Fresh tomato slice

1 Romaine Leaf chopped

1 Swiss cheese slice

1/2 oz Worcestershire

1 Fresh buttered and toasted bun


• Press cracked black pepper on both sides of the beef patty

• Add butter to skillet and turn on the heat – medium

• Sautee the patty in butter and then flip over to brown the other side

• Add onion slices and cooking wine to skillet

• Start toasting a buttered bun

• Add heavy cream and Worcestershire to skillet

• Place tomato slice on top of patty to warm

• Take the sautéed onions from the skillet and place them on top of the tomato

• Place cheese slice on top of onion and tomato to soften

• Center the toasted bun on the plate and place lettuce on bottom bun

• Remove patty from skillet and place on bottom bun and lettuce

• Drizzle reduced sauce over the cheeseburger and allow to run all around the plate

• Place the top bun on the burger

• Circle the burger with fresh fries tossed in sea salt – The sauce should creep out into the fries

Menu Description: Holy Cow Burger

Bill-E’s famous knife & fork signature burger held together with Swiss, smothered in peppercorn cream

sauce that will make you say, “Holy Cow, someone figured out how to put the cream BACK in the cow!”