LOXLEY, Ala. (WKRG) — The drive down Highway 59 through Loxley gives you that small-town charm. But, the folks planning for the city’s future are making changes and making big plans to better the community into the future.

Jonathan Smith, Loxley community development director, says that there is a lot in store for the community.

“One thing we are very excited about is in Loxley is the revitalization of our old downtown area,” Smith said. “We have made some big, big improvements already in this little area, new street signs, new poles and it is just more decorated and nicer to look at.”

As the city works to improve the heart of downtown Loxley aesthetically, local shopkeepers look for that revitalization to bring in more business. Chase Farley is the owner of Loxley Nutrition, a loaded tea and nutrition shake business. Farley says he’s excited for what is coming.

“So that just means more customers for us, more families coming to town,” Farley said. “Loxley has always been a small town but it is really on the verge of exploding, we got Aldi that just opened up so there are just huge things coming that we are excited about.”

Another big project in the works for Loxley is the vision for a brand-new City Center.

“The council has approved the engineering and architectural planning and design of the city center, which will include our museum, which is what we call the old Bertolla building, which was actually donated by the Bertolla family,” Smith said, “and then we will go into getting a new library, a new public works and public utility facility.”

With the revitalization and continued growth here in Loxley, city officials say that within the next few years over 1,000 jobs will be open here in this city.

And Farley says as Loxley grows, he’s excited that his small business will be able to ride that wave and do the same.

“I feel very well about all this, and really excited about it because we are not afraid of competition, but we want more to come because there is plenty for everyone to go around, so we really support the revitalization happening, we are happy it’s coming and cannot wait to see what happens in the next five years,” Farley said.