BREWTON, Ala. (WKRG) — Whether it’s for your Instagram reel or just a memory, the four murals around Brewton are a must-see.

“Public art enlivens your town economically, it’s been proven to increase spending. People love to be where there’s artwork. It lifts you up and it also ties you to your past,” said Connie Baggett, Director of program management.

Three of the four professional murals were done by Dothan artist Wes Hardin. The pieces focus on the history of Brewton with the timber industry. A local art teacher painted the fourth to be a pop art style mural.

Mural Locations:

  • North side of Highway 41 near St. Joseph.
  • The Mildred Street park
  • Building West of Green Street.
  • Market Park on Bellville Ave.

“I hope they see the diversity that’s reflected in those murals,” said Baggett. “I hope they see the strong foundation that Brewton has built. I hope they see that we are a town that loves to have a good time.”

The Monkey in the Mural

WKRG News 5 took a tour around town to see all of the paintings. A popular scavenger hunt is to look for a hidden monkey in one of the murals, said to have a long-standing history in Brewton’s culture.

“The monkey comes out of more than one story, but the prevailing one is Earl Miller, who was, uh, quite a character here in town,” said Baggett. “He also holds the world record for hot air balloon distance travel. So he was a very interesting individual. When he was a kid, his father brought him home a pet monkey. He kept it. It, unfortunately, died soon thereafter, but he kept it preserved, and then eventually when he was in his late teens it turned into a prank making people believe that a UFO had crashed here in town.”

Another story with the monkey lies in the woods.

“Dan Thomas has a hunting story where he spotted a monkey, according to him, in the woods around here, but nobody really believed him. It kind of sort of became a running joke as well, and there used to be a monkey that lived just across the bridge in East Brewton that would ride a little bike around. So there are a lot of monkey stories going around and we decided it would be a lot of fun to hide a monkey for people to look for in one of the murals here in town.”

While we will not give it away, the city does have one hint for those stopping through.

“Just go look at those historical murals. You’re going to find it if you’re diligent,” said Baggett.

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