BREWTON, Ala. (WKRG) – Lisa McMillan treats everyone like family. Her restaurant, Drexell & Honeybees, offers great down-home cookin’. BBQ ribs, meatloaf, squash casserole, corn and other tasty stuff is always cooking in the kitchen. The one thing you won’t find is a cash register or a credit card machine, though.

“Anyone can come in if they have money or not and get a good hot meal and they can go up to a booth and if they don’t leave any money that’s fine and if they do that’s fine,” said McMillan.

That’s right! Eat for free, if you’re in need. Only pay, if you are able. Their motto “We Feed The Need” came out of her and her husband Freddie’s experience delivering warm meals throughout the community. One woman showed them that the need for food assistance in Brewton is greater than she ever imagined.

“I said tomorrow I’m going to sit in the restaurant with my friends and we’re going to drink a cup of coffee and she started looking kind of down. I said what’s wrong? She said I wish I could do that. I said you wish you could do what? She said go sit in a restaurant,” she explained.

The idea for the couple’s restaurant in downtown Brewton was born. “I said wow wouldn’t it be nice to have a restaurant where people didn’t have to worry about that,” McMillan remembers.

Neighbors believe in their mission. Drexell & Honeybees gets help from folks who donate food and money. That generosity, and their love for helping others, keeps them going.

“If you’ve got a mission and you’ve got 10 things that you want to accomplish on that mission making money should be number 20. Making money should not even be in the picture, because if it’s your mission God is going to take care of you anyways. He’s going to see after you,” she added.

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