BREWTON, Ala. (WKRG) — From the tea room of her historic Brewton, Alabama home, Laine Lawson Craft writes books and produces her Christian podcast, ‘Livin’ Lively with Laine.’
How she got here is a journey she never imagined.

“Most of my life, Rose Ann, I was was self condemned. I knew I wasn’t good enough. There were things in my life habits that weren’t Godly,” said Laine.

It came to a head in her hometown of Jackson, Miss. Three children in three years, Laine and Steve Craft looked like successful working parents. The truth was, their marriage was falling apart, doomed for divorce. In desperation, they asked God to step in.

“There was just a peace and warmth from my head to my toes that touched me and that was the real first intimate touch of God I had in my life,” Laine said.

Laine says the Lord saved her marriage and her husband’s oil business took off. She shut down her advertising agency and wondered, “What’s next?” The answer came in a second message of faith.

“I had a dream and the Lord woke me up and said, Laine, you know how I resurrected your marriage and you had miraculous outcomes,” Laine said. “He said I want you to share that and start with your testimony.”

So Laine used her marketing skills to launch a regional Christian women’s magazine. WHOA went national, featuring faces like Dolly Parton, Kathy Lee Gifford and Reba McIntyre.

The magazine blossomed into a television show. Hosted by Laine, it was a reflection of her faith, energy and feisty personality. Sharing her testimony took her to Hollywood’s Red Carpet. It placed her in the pulpit at Lakewood Church, home of televangelist Joel Osteen.

She’s written best selling award winning books encouraging readers to “Enjoy Today” and “Own Tomorrow.” Her overall message is one of moving “Hurts to Healing.” She and her husband whipped up a cookbook to help other couples “Start Again From Scratch” just as they did. Her new book is set to be released in March 2023. “The Parent’s Battle Plan: Warfare Strategies to Win Back Your Prodigal” reveals intimate details about her family.

“It’s based on my three children who were prodigal. Rose Ann, I was out, you know publishing this faith based magazine, doing television and my own children had been sucked up by the world, drugs, depression, alcohol, and now they’re all three whole, healed, and free.”