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Sink Your Teeth In

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Anthony Bourdain, Guy Fieri, Andrew Zimmerman; Kimber Collins and Theo Williams? Yes, Kimber and I have embarked on a new journey to discover the best eats around.

In the long television history of foodies getting to go around to different restaurants to try different dishes, let’s be real here, we’re not about to reinvent the wheel. However, what sets me and Kimber apart is that we are specifically only interested in sinking our teeth in to the best foods that only the Gulf Coast has to offer, hence the title of our new show “Sink Your Teeth In”.

First, let me give you a little background on how this show came into existence. It all started back in early March after I was coming back from the Sun Belt Tournament in Pensacola, where my search for great Gulf Coast pizza landed me at Graffiti’s. I bought myself a large pizza, and a couple of slices for the road, because, well, I like to eat. Upon my arrival back at our station, Kimber noticed my oversized pizza box, and decided to enlighten me about a chart that she had created as a guide for finding the best pizza on the Gulf Coast. After talking for a while, we both decided that we shared a similar vision, to find the best pizza on the Gulf Coast. However, after more time went by, we concluded “Why limit ourselves to just pizza? We should eat ALL the food!” Before long, the birth of Sink Your Teeth In was official.

After careful deliberation for the first edition of Sink Your Teeth In, we decided to kick off our tasty campaign by sinking our teeth in to Downtown Mobile at two celebrated restaurants: Bob’s Downtown Diner, and Roosters Downtown. The day kicked off with me meeting up with Kimber, riding in on a Gotcha scooter as I pulled up next to a team of nurses who just finished the graveyard shift at the hospital right in front of Bob’s. I thanked them for their service and for all of the work they had to put in over the last year. Then I continued with Kimber inside as we were immediately welcomed by Tony, the owner of Bob’s, who couldn’t wait to show us his specialized mugs, which were pretty clever, I must admit!

As Kimber and I sat down, we were treated to a smorgasbord of delectable treats that were sure to tickle my fatboy senses. There was too much food there for me to describe it all, so I will just go into the highlights of the featured meal. Two words, red beans and rice with Conecuh sausage! Ok, ok, I know that was seven words, but I needed some way to emphasize how delicious it was. The flavor was on point with the red beans and rice, and the Conecuh sausage tasted like a warm sunny day at a ball game, with a cold drink in your hand. It was that good! Another amazing dish that we were able to sink our teeth in to was the shrimp and grits with fried fish. This is one of those dishes that reminds you of your childhood, like something my grandmother used to make. As I took a bite into the fried fish, the explosion of flavor that came from the perfectly fried crust was so good that it made me emotional. There were so many more dishes that I could highlight but at the end of the day, everything was amazing.

Once we were finished, we said goodbye to Tony and his awesome staff, as well as the team of nurses who just finished their shift. It was at this point that me and Kimber each hopped on a Gotcha scooter and rode off to our next destination… that is as soon as Kimber could find a Gotcha that worked!

After a few laps around Cathedral Square, we both began to get a little hungry again, which meant it was now time for us to pull up to Roosters Downtown. Roosters is a Latin food experience, that specializes in Mexican food, and frankly, they have a burrito that has stolen my heart. After we arrived, we had the opportunity to sit down with the owner Frankie, with some chips, salsa and queso dip as he gave us a little of the backstory as to how Roosters came to be. Once the talking was over, however, it was time to throw down on some food! The special of the day was birria tacos, which is a braised beef served in marinated taco shells with a side of birria dip for the tacos. The cheesiness of the birria taco was like something out of a Kraft or Velveeta commercial, and it paired perfectly with the beef, making it a must-have taco for any Mexican food lover! We also had an opportunity to sink our teeth into the Surf and Turf burrito, which was loaded with flavor, and a hearty helping, it was enough to make a fatboy such as myself, clap in appreciation after I finished.

Watch the full episode below:

Overall, me and Kimber had an amazing day, where we got to meet some amazing people as we ate our way through Downtown Mobile.


Bob’s Downtown Restaurant is located at 263 Saint Francis St, Mobile, AL 36602, at the corner of Fat and Happy, and Roosters Downtown is located at Roosters 211 Dauphin St, Mobile, AL 36602.

Once again, we would like to thank both of the restaurants for their amazing service and food, and we would also like to thank you the viewer for coming along for our hungry adventure!

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