Faith Time: Worship as a lifestyle

Faith Time

In the interest of full discloser, our family attends Loxley Church.  Here’s a look at my conversation with Pastor Brian Wade:  

Chad: We wanted about worship as a lifestyle, what does that mean to you?  

Guest: When people think about worship, they think of a church setting or an event to honor God.  When we see worship as a lifestyle, we try to honor God in every part of our life.  Work, education, social activities, financial decision…and on the list could go.  In the Bible, David said “His praise shall continually be on my lips”, which expressed a lifestyle of worship to God. 

Chad: How does worship correct our focus in life?

Guest:  Worship shifts our focus away from us and toward God.  When we worship Him, it helps keep us focused on His Abilities rather than on our inabilities.  On His Power rather than our weakness.  In this, we find the strength that people of faith should live with. 

Chad: Why is sincere worship on a regular basis important?

SINCERE is the key word here.  It means without wax.  In Bible days those who sold pottery would cover up cracks with wax, making them look new.  Then when the customer got home and the vase got too hot, the wax would melt and expose the imperfections.  If our worship is not sincere before God, the trials of life will come and expose our weaknesses.  But sincere worship brings us to the words of the Apostle Paul in Corinthians when he said: “In our weakness, He is made strong.” 

Chad: How does worship help us give up our belief in our own control in life?  

Guest:  Most of us are strong-willed and want to be in control of everything around us. That’s human nature.  When we worship God, we realize how big HE is and how small we are…thus making us more aware of our need for Him to be in control of our lives.  It’s the reason a lot of people today will not go to a worship service…because to recognize an Omnipotent God as supreme would require that there is ONE greater than ourselves.

Chad: Why is turning over control to God helpful?

Guest:  We use the term “surrender” around Loxley Church.  We have found that when we surrender everything to God, His plans are much better than our’s anyway.  Isaiah tells us that God’s Ways and Thoughts are so much higher than our’s…that we want God to be in control.  That’s why we worship Him! 

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