MOBILE COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — We’re entering the Easter season with Palm Sunday today. What does the story of Jesus entering Jerusalem tell us? Justin Driver, lead Pastor at Forward Church joins us to talk about what we can learn from Palm Sunday.

Guest: To begin with, people are giving passionate praise to Jesus, and I, I think Jesus deserves passionate praise. You know, even while the religious leaders are trying to silence them, they are still crying out and praising and shouting to Jesus. And I think he is worthy of that.

You know they were expecting this political king, but Jesus he came to set up a different type of Kingdom and even the cleansing of the temple later and that story is foreshadowing him cleansing our souls. And that’s what he came to do in this in this story

Anchor: Why did the people turn on Jesus? And what does that tell us about human nature?

Guest: Well, you know Jesus later he was arrested. Things got real tough. You know things took a turn for what the people thought was for the worst. But it was all according to God’s plan. It was all according to his plan to bring spiritual freedom. And you know, when things take a turn. For the worst, people seem to go with what is easiest. Go with the crowd. You know there was a lot at stake. You know they could potentially lose their life if they went against the Roman government at that time, and so you know, I think we can. We can learn a lesson right there when things get tough in our life.

You know we don’t need to turn away from the things that God wants us to turn away from, but I think we need to continue all the more being faithful.

Anchor: How can Christians treat the Lord like it’s Palm Sunday every day?

Guest: When things get bad, we tend to fall away from our fate, sometimes involve fallout of worship, fallout of praise, fallout of church, fallout of reading our Bible. But I think we learned that lesson in this story that we need to be faithful. And but in a positive sense, I would just encourage everyone. To come to be passionate in their praise. Like I pointed out, to begin with, I think that even when trials and situations in this life take a turn unexpectedly, maybe it’s not what we expected. You know they were expecting one thing, but they got another, even when things aren’t as we expected them. Continue to be faithful in praise and in your faith.

Anchor: Through Palm Sunday and Easter, God is consistent. The people around him aren’t. What does that teach us?

Guest: Isn’t it great? God is faithful, and that’s that’s the foundation God God in his character is faithful. And even when we turn from him and deny him like like Simon Peter, did you know Jesus told Simon Peter, you’re gonna deny me but you know? Jesus was faithful too, come and offer forgiveness quickly and restore Simon Peter and I think that’s the lesson that we need to learn that even when we fall and even when we make mistakes and even when we might turn away, there’s always hope and there’s always forgiveness and there’s always restoration.