PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — The holidays can be busy for everyone, especially those who help people in need. With locations in Mobile and Pensacola, the waterfront Rescue mission has Christian ministry as a core component of its work to help clients in need. We’re talking with the Vice President of Ministry Services at Waterfront Jason Grizzard. How is faith a part of programs at Waterfront?

Guest: As a faith-based non-profit, Waterfront’s mission statement is “to demonstrate God’s goodness by providing rescue and recovery services in Jesus’ name. So, our goal is by showing people a different way to live, we are hopeful this will establish a new relationship with God and others: the idea of love God and love your neighbor as you love yourself. Many of the men who enter one of our programs at Waterfront have lost all hope in the world, so our goal is to restore that hope by not only working to restore their physical and mental but also their spiritual needs as well.

How have you seen clients grow through ministry work?

Guest: One example that stands out to me from a couple of weeks ago. We had a man who entered our recovery program back in 2007, very badly addicted to drugs. He had been living with a girl for several years and had two kids with her, but they were not married. He came into Waterfront having broken that relationship, lost his job, lost his dignity and hope. Through the work of counseling, support, teaching, and the loving accountability and structure of Waterfront’s program, Ted (not his real name) began to be restored in all of these areas. He reconciled with his family, graduated from the recovery program, married his girlfriend, and became reestablished in the food industry, to the point that he became a general manager over one of the restaurants he had worked at. Now, he is still married to the same woman, a wonderful husband, and father, owns his own investment business, still connected to and involved in his local church. He has stayed in contact with us after all of these years because there is no shame, only gratitude for all that God has done in his life through the work of Waterfront!