MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Cary Speaker with Spring Hill Presbyterian Church joins us to talk about his favorite Bible story, the walk to Emmaus.

Guest: It takes place on the afternoon of Easter. The story teaches us about Jesus. What it teaches us about Jesus wanting to be in a relationship with us and particularly the post-resurrection. The tomb is discovered empty, but this is one of those stories that happen after the garden and it’s the first of several resurrection appearances of Jesus.

How has this story really been adapted to be focused on spiritual retreats?

Well, I think it probably comes from the journey aspect of it and that, you know, it’s the metaphor for the Christian life that we’re on the journey and if we’re fortunate, we meet Jesus on that journey.

How come we see Jesus in our own lives on these journeys?

That’s the part of this story that I really love, which is at the end when Jesus and these two disciples go in, they sit down and Jesus breaks the bread and these two men that have been walking with him didn’t know who he was. And then all of a sudden, mysteriously, they recognize who Jesus is.