MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Joining us this morning is Jario Gavin from Gather Family Church in Mobile.

Good morning to you, sir. We wanted to talk about family. What is the importance of family?

Guest: Yeah, you know, family, I really feel, is the bedrock or the introduction for love in our life. God wants us to be introduced to love, how to love, and how to create loving relationships. And so, as a child, we look up and we see love first from our parents.

Anchor: How does God use a family to grow our hearts?

Guest: I see it as God wants us to understand his love first. We need to learn how to receive love if we’re going to give it out. We learn through our brothers and sisters how to share that love, and how to give it to others. We learn in marriage how to commit to love. And then, as parents, we learn how to give it unconditionally. Like God, our Heavenly Father.

Anchor: How do you define family? There are some people who think it’s strictly biological. Others argue that we make our own family. Can it be both? What’s the definition of family to you?

Guest: Oh, that’s great. Yeah. I mean, we’ve got family, of course, in our church communities and our neighborhoods with our friends. And I think that’s an important support system.

Of course, we all do have our own families, but sometimes those are broken. So we do rely on the church to learn what true love is. How should I be receiving love?

And so, I think both are important. But I do feel like it’s really important that we find some way to interact with different generations, different groups of people.

So whether that’s your own family or a church community, it’s really essential for us to learn love.

Anchor: Why does God want there to be families?

Guest: God built Adam and Eve to share his love and hopefully to build families through that. And so God wants to teach us love.