MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Faith time is our weekly conversation on matters of faith, and joining us this morning is Ricky Watt with Haven Woods Baptist Church. What is a daily devotional? 

Guest: Well, basically I consider a daily devotional, a time where we just set aside time each day to spend alone with the Lord, whether that’s through Bible study through. Sometimes folks use devotional books to help them along that way, but it’s just designated time that we spend alone with the Lord.

Why is a daily devotional important? 

Well, for me it’s important for us to be able to do that, and in order to be able to reset ourselves, sort of get ourselves refocused for a new day. Today, allow God time just to be able to sort of reset our priorities, get ourselves, our hearts, and our minds set and in tune with the Lord.

So how does pausing and focusing on a Bible lesson or a story help strengthen our walk with God? 

I believe that the Bible speaks about the importance of us being focused, intentional and being purposeful about our lives. You know life passes really fast and if we don’t, if we’re not intentional about what we’re doing when we’re doing it, how we’re doing it, I feel like we really miss the opportunities that God has for us. And by having a devotional life that really helps us prioritize God in our lives. 

How do you make it a habit? 

Well, you know studies tell us that it takes about 70 days to really be able to establish a new habit in your life. So I believe the two things that are really important in establishing a devotional life as a habit is consistency, and really making, you know, the time. That and discipline, you know, to be consistent and every day I’m going to do this. It’s not something that I’m going to just sort of hit and miss, but as I do that, it becomes a positive habit in our lives because a lot of times when we think about habits, we think of negative things.