MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Easter is here—the most important observance in Christianity, it celebrates the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. We’re talking with Dr. Clint Archer, senior pastor of Christ Fellowship Baptist Church about why the bodily resurrection of Jesus is the cornerstone of the Christian Faith.

Guest: Jesus taught a number of things. He made some outrageous claims in his life. If somebody made those claims today, we would just dismiss them, but because he was, he predicted the resurrection from the dead, and then he was able to accomplish that, that puts every claim that he ever made in a completely different category from any claim anyone else ever made. I mean, I can claim to be Superman, but unless I can fly, no one is going to believe me. Jesus claimed to be able to conquer death and forgive sins and bring people back to life. Not only was he able to do that in his own lifetime, but he really accomplished that for himself, and so that’s what made Christianity a force to be reckoned with, something that you actually had to. You had to deal with the fact that this person said he would come back from the dead, and then he did. So that’s why you have to believe in that to be a Christian.

Anchor: Now, why can’t someone just believe the teachings of Jesus while dismissing historical claims?

Guest: There are things people don’t want to disagree with. You know that you should love one another, turn the other cheek forgive, honor your parents, those types of things, and so they say, well, let’s just follow the teachings of Christ. Why do we have to believe in the miraculous side of what the Gospel says? But the problem with that is that some of Christ’s teachings had to do with the miraculous. He said I am the resurrection and the law. He said I am the only way to the father. He said he made these claims that if he were not able to produce the proof that we would just dismiss him as crazy or as a liar.

Anchor: What are some ways people try to separate the story of Jesus from the divine resurrection.

Guest: People say oh well He lived this life and he was this great example and he forgave his enemies and they crucified him and now he’s alive in his teachings and in the memory of him and we still love him and adore him. And in that sense, He’s still alive, but we don’t have to believe that he actually came back from the dead because that’s nonsense. Nobody can come back from the dead.

And so they just draw this distinction, and so they’ll look at the story of the resurrection in the gospel, as a metaphor of him being alive.

I mean it said that they saw him. The details are that he actually asked for fish and ate in front of them to prove that He wasn’t a ghost. That He wasn’t an apparition. It wasn’t that one person saw Him, and maybe it was a hallucination because the people saw him at one time. 500 people saw him and the 120 in the upper room and the 12 disciples and they got to touch Him. And John specifically says, you know, we’ve seen this with our eyes, so we’ve touched this with our hands, so you can’t do that. You can’t decide which part of the Bible you’re going to accept and which part you’re going to reject.

Anchor: What does Christianity become without the resurrection? Could it exist at all?

Guest: no, you can’t have Christianity without the resurrection, he said In first Corinthians 15 that it is of first importance the gospel that I delivered to you, the Gospel lead. If you believe you are saved.

Jesus died for our sins according to the Scriptures, and that he rose on the third day, quoting subscriptions, and that he appeared to many people. And if you don’t believe that you have now stripped Christianity of the really the kernel of the faith