Faith Time: Thankfulness before Thanksgiving

Faith Time

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Pastor Micah Gaston with 3 Circle Church Midtown joins us to talk about practicing a thankful mindset. Here’s a look at our conversation:

Anchor: It’s the last Sunday before Thanksgiving. Why is giving thanks to God important?

Guest:  ”For me it is so important that we START here . . .”

The Bible tells in the book of James in New Testament that every good gift comes from God

God has given these good gifts through creation . . .

It doesn’t matter of you are Christian or not

the Sunrise over the Bay is a gift to you

your ability to live, think, move, breath . . . is a gift you

the ability to laugh, sing, or dance . . . is a gift

the enjoyment of fishing or eating fish . . . at one of the great places around the Gulf Coast . . . are both GIFTS TO YOU

A gift is something that you don’t have to work for, it is given

So as a follower of Jesus . . .

We live out our gratitude for not only these great gifts . . .

But we live our lives in response to the GIFT of the Gospel . . . Which means

That the greatest gift was the Jesus lived a the life that I could not live . . .

Died the death that I should have died

And was raised again to provide new life, forgiveness and eternal HOPE

Everything about thanksgiving for me is downstream from my gratitude for the GOSPEL . . . God is a giver . . . he chose to give . . . “God so love the world that he gave”

Anchor:   How would you define thankfulness?

Guest:   “Thankfulness is a Mindset-It is a way of processing life”

Thankfulness really is the fruit of generosity

Whenever we have an approach to life that is about giving & not just receiving

*I am not anti-receiving; a gift or an act of kindness are amazing things!

I always want to ask, not only what am I going to “GET” but what can I “GIVE”

Thankfulness is approaching life with an awareness and an excitement about every person, every circumstance, every gift with excitement!

Thanfulness= processing LIFE through the LENS of appreciation rather than expectation

Anchor:   Why is it so important to practice thankfulness?

Guest:  ”Practicing thankfulness safeguards you from greed and discontentment”

Thankfulness colors how we see our relationships and our resources

In our relationships: If we are thankful for people then we don’t assume people owe us things, rather we are thrilled when people help us, and serve us

Thankfulness is part of a Generous mindset

With our resources: we either use people to get stuff or we use stuff to help people

Practicing thankfulness can free us from being greedy . . .

Spending our lives pursuing stuff rather than relationships

Practicing thankfulness can also free us from discontentment in our relationships

Instead of thinking of all a person has NOT done . . .

Focus on what they have done

Anchor: What does practicing thankfulness have the potential to do in a persons’ life?

Guest: “I read a study the other day that explained that gratitude actually rewires the Brain”

When we practice gratitude, it develops our ability to be better at relationships

It also reduces stress and cuts down of some of the physical patters associated with stress

It also increases your feelings of self-worth and compassion

Surprise . . . surprise . . . It puts you in a better mood whenever you are thankful . . . not ungrateful you will be happier

Again . . . when you choose to live in appreciation for every gift RATHER THAN expectation . . . it will change your life!

Anchor:  What are some practical ways that people can grow in thankfulness?

Guest:  ”Here are 3 things”

  1. Keep a Journal: of things that you are thankful for and things that people do for you that you appreciate.
  2. Send a message to 2 people this week that you appreciate

Social media, e-mail, or by mail

  1. Cultivate the practice of saying . . .”Thank You”

Even in transaction situations

Even when you expect someone to do something

Verbalizing your application helps you internalize thankfulness

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