Faith Time: Strong Marriages

Faith Time

Rife Stewart joins us to talk about loving God and loving your spouse.  Here’s a look at our conversation:

Chad: We wanted to talk about strong marriages.  What’s your definition of a strong marriage?

Guest:  Of course coming from a faith background, I’m going to tell you…and I say this from 30 years of experience with the same woman…I believe a strong marriage is when 2 people are first madly in love with God and secondly are madly in love with each other. 

Chad: How can couples work every day to have a strong marriage?  

Guest:  Learn to speak your spouse’s love language.  Gary Smalley has a book called The Five Love Languages whereby people receive love.  And the way we receive love is not always the way we communicate love.  It’s important to communicate love the way your spouse likes to receive love.  For instance one of the ways I communicate love to people is through serving them.  But my wife feels loved when she receives gifts….I can do things for her all day long, but it doesn’t communicate love to her as loudly as if I would just buy her some flowers.

Chad:  What are the ruts people can get in that cause us to inadvertently neglect our spouse and how do we get out of them? 

Guest: I think we can let life get in the way.  Jobs, kids,…at the end of the day the most important person in our life is our spouse. If that relationship is not healthy, nothing else is healthy.

Chad: Marriage is as much of challenge as the courtship stage–how do we keep that love going in marriages?

Guest:  A marriage is like our body…it’s a living, breathing thing.  If we don’t take care of it, it’s going to have problems.  There are so many ways to keep our love going and our marriage healthy,…first thing: Pursue God….I say this all the time…I’ve never met two people who were passionately pursuing God at the same time whose marriage was in trouble.  It’s not possible.  Put him first and you’ll have a great marriage.  Then there are tons of other ways…marriage retreats, counseling, conferences, books, spending time with each other, date nights…the list is really endless.

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