Faith Time: Push for Peace

Faith Time

Push for Peace is this Friday in Cathedral Square in Mobile.  Danielle Pledger with Sparkle Productions Inc. joins us to talk about it:

Chad:  The Push For Peace is this Friday–when and where is it happening?

Guest: Yes! The Push for Peace is this Friday, October 26, 2018, from 6-10 p.m. in Downtown Mobile’s Cathedral Square. 

Chad:  What is this event?

Guest: Push for Peace is an outreach initiative designed to promote peace in our community through faith, unity, and love.  It is designed for the community to come together in prayer and fellowship before God ahead of something tragic happening. Many times you don’t see the community come together until there is a storm, literally and figuratively. God gave us the vision to change that. 

Chad:  What are the five things you pray about?

Guest:  We pray for the peace of God to fill the hearts of people and that we may have peace in our city and in our neighborhoods.  We pray for faith to be evident in our hearts to believe that God is able to do just what He says in His word.  The problems we see in our community with violence and crime are not too hard for God. He can change the hearts of people.  We pray for love to encompass the hearts of the community.  That we learn to love one another regardless of race or political party, etc. We pray for unity. It is important that we come together. The Bible teaches us that when 2 or 3 are gathered, God is in the midst. We pray for healthy relationships beginning with God and then each other so we know how to treat each other. Lastly, we pray for Godly Leadership.

Chad:  Why did you start this?  

Guest:  Because God gave us the vision that it’s needed.  With all of the senseless violence that happens for selfish reasons, it became evident that we needed to do what we can to hopefully spark a change in the hearts and minds of people. We also hope to spark and ignite those who know God to get involved and continue to shine their lights in a world of darkness.

Chad:  What makes this event valuable? 

Guest:  Life and people. The immeasurable value of life makes this event valuable. People of the community are the ones we serve. They are who we want to reach. They are the ones who can truly make a change.  They are the ones who can truly make a difference with the violence in our community. 

Chad: In addition to your annual Push for Peace event, are there any other events of this nature hosted by your organization? 

Guest: Push for Peace is only one of our main annual events.  My husband and I also make up the gospel recording group, Divine Purpose.  Other programs we host throughout the year are: My Life Matters, which focuses on youth, conflict resolution, making better choices, and gun violence; Social Lights, which focuses on fostering positive engagements amongst diverse people; and Family Matters, which focuses on promoting healthy relationships and strengthening family foundations to prevent domestic violence. 

Chad: How can those who want to contribute to your cause through donations or participation get in touch with you.

Guest: We are always in need of donations and volunteers.  Those interested in helping us in either way can find us by going to our website and clicking on the ministry tab. They may also find more information on either of our Facebook pages, Push for Peace Mobile, Al, Sparkle Productions  Inc., or Divine Purpose/526.

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