MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — There are a lot of phrases we use that people think come from the Bible but aren’t found in scripture. It’s the focus of a new series at Cottage Hill Baptist Church in Mobile. Dr. Alan Floyd joins us first to discuss the phrase “everything happens for a reason.”

Guest: I believe what people do is they take a couple of propositions. They take the fact that yes, God has a plan for our lives. And yes, there are promises of God like I’ll guide you, guard you, I’ll protect you and they put those two together and really come to the conclusion that everything that happens to you, everything that happens to a Christian must be a part of God’s plan and it sounds scriptural. But it’s not exactly true. I thought I would say this a lot of God gets blamed for a lot of things that happened that He didn’t do.

Anchor: So is there A biblical principle in that phrase that we can use?

Guest: Yeah, absolutely. Really, the great promise of scripture is Romans chapter 8, verse 28, which says that for the believer, for those that love God are called according to his purpose, that God works all things to the good and not that everything is good. Sometimes people use the phrase “everything happens for a reason” and it seems that it sounds relatively harmless until you take that to a funeral and you share that with someone who was grieving over a lost person and not everything that happens is good. Sometimes it’s because we are sinners and we make bad decisions. Sometimes it’s because we live in a broken world.

But what God does promise is that he will take those things that happen. Everything that happens, even those that are bad, and He can bring or make good out of it.

Anchor: What are the dangers of taking the phrase “God won’t give us more than we can handle” to heart?

Guest: so when it does become overwhelming, the situation is they lose hope and they lose faith in God, and nowhere in scripture does it. Does it clearly say that God won’t give us more than we can handle? The fact and truth of the matter is we see throughout Scripture that there is much suffering. We see the apostle Paul. We see Job. We see others in Scripture that go through great difficulties and it’s not so much that he doesn’t place on us more than we can handle. But really, as he allows it and again some of it from the previous statement, some of us ’cause we live in a broken world”, Jesus himself said don’t be surprised when you suffer when you go through great difficulty, but the promise is this my grace is sufficient, so it’s not that you can handle it, but through faith and by faith you can overcome.