MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Joining us this morning is Tim Mims with East Pointe Baptist Church in Spanish Fort. We wanted to talk about the group One Cry and Spiritual Awakening. First of all, what is the theme or purpose of One Cry?

Guest: One Cry is really a prayer movement that is global. It started, of course, in America, but is now global. The emphasis is One Cry, or a prayer, for revival or spiritual awakening.

Anchor: So how do you define spiritual revival?

Guest: So if we’re talking about spiritual revival, we’re talking about a renewed passion for God. It’s totally a God thing, a God movement where he re-energizes and refreshes his people to love more, to have greater joy and peace, and to do the things that we should do as a disciple. But in just such a powerful way.

Anchor: How do you plant those seeds of revival and how do you think they manifest themselves?

Guest: So, of course, planting the seeds of revival and spiritual awakening is a matter of, you know, we can’t make God move. But what we can do is prepare through prayer primarily; you know, consistency of God’s word, and then joining together with other believers with that purpose, we hoist the sails and then we’re ready when revival winds begin to blow.