Faith Time: Local church confronts drug abuse in community


MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Drug abuse is a problem that a lot of families have to deal with. A local pastor in Mobile shares his experience with what he describes as an epidemic of synthetic drugs in his community. I spoke with Dominic Grant with Walk By Faith Christian Ministries in Mobile on Texas Street. He says he’s seen a tremendous impact.

Guest: It seems like it’s been showing up more and more it’s destroying not only the community but the church and families and I’ve had the experience myself.

Anchor: What is the situation you’re seeing. Is it mostly synthetics or drugs across the spectrum?

Guest: We’ve always had the problem with drugs, but now what’s destroying lives it’s the synthetic stuff, the stuff made in the back yard and it’s so dirty it has no value on life and it’s taken lives and so this problem is worse than any type of drug that I’ve seen in my lifetime.

Anchor: How do you think the economic collapse associated with the COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to this problem?

Guest: I think it’s tremendously contributed to the problem simply because now we have people in locations, a lack of jobs the lack of currency moving it affords them time where they normally would be working or doing something productive, now they have time to do other things also, due to a lack of jobs there’s a lack of insurance. So people that would normally have insurance and would be able to go and afford to get medicine now they can’t do that anymore so now they have to resort to others ways to get medication. And so they’re taking chances they’re taking risks and they’re rolling the dice with their lives. The person on the other end really doesn’t value or care about life because if so they wouldn’t put this poison in our communities.

Anchor: How do you help someone who is abusing drugs on what may be a regular basis?

Guest: I think that it’s going to start with organizations it’s going to start with churches because we have to get to the root problem. Because everyone’s not doing drugs to get high. Not everyone’s doing drugs to get well and so we have to get down to the root problem of why this is happening. The churches have to come out of the church and begin to do real ministry, and we need to get with council members and the mayor to find a way to strategize a way to help the people. The first thing is we have to present something other than the drug. The way to do that is to present jobs, to present an outlet for the people, because every drug affects the mind, if you can change the mind, rehab is just changing the mind, you put them in an atmosphere where things change

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