LOXLEY, Ala. (WKRG) — Faith Time is our weekly conversation on matters of faith. Pretty much all schools in our area are back in session. Administrative Pastor with Loxley Church Kevin Mills joins us to talk about the advice the Bible gives as kids go back to school.

Guest: Don’t be anxious about anything in all things. We just stop and we pray. We ask God for wisdom and situations going forward and trying to help us figure out the next step.

Anchor: When seeking advice, who can kids trust?

Guest: Oh well, I think there’s a litany of people that kids can trust, you know, within the framework of a school system. I would always say talk to your teachers. Go talk to the school counselor administrators. Help them in that process and help your kids to know who their advocates are, and who they can go to. Up to as far as the spiritual aspects go, I would always advise for kids and students to always talk to those ministry leaders that they trust the most. Understanding that those ministry leaders have to have a framework for, you know, like mandatory reporting, things like that.

But even within the home, I think there has to be an environment where kids and parents can talk about concerns. One thing we always do with our kids is we have a long ride back between the house and sports practice we take that time to decompress, to help them process what’s going on at school and within sports and help them to walk that path.

Anchor: How do we find advice in Scripture?

Guest: Oh, I think that’s it’s pretty easy nowadays. What I always tell my students is it’s literally in the palm of your hands. It’s called a phone, and within the context of any kind of question they may have, they can go to Google and type in scriptures about blank and literally a billion websites will come p they have to be careful about what they choose and what they read. But at the same time, though, it’s never been easier to find an answer for a subject in your life.

Anchor: How can students keep their faith with them through the school day?

Guest: We’re blessed because of where we live in the South. The schools allow and pretty generously allow for either before or after school programs that allow for spirituality to be explored. Those clubs, it’s usually run by a staff member of the school along with some type of clergy outside of the school, and that allows them to explore their faith and to ask questions in a peer setting. On top of that, you know, we still pray at ball games. We have moments of silence. That’s the one thing I love about living down here is that we still have all those things.

Anchor: Is there a right way or best practice when it comes to witnessing or preaching to a fellow student?

Guest: You know, I don’t know if there’s a best way. I think first and foremost, I think the answer is always people are always watching us. People are always seeing how we act, and if we act just like everyone else, then of course, you know we don’t stand out. You’re supposed to be light, you’re supposed to shine. So the first and foremost thing is I would always say. Act like what you believe in, but on top of that, I think that with witnessing and talking about our faith with others, it’s all about. You know how you approach it. You know, the way that I always look at it is is I like to fish a lot. I don’t think that I’m very good at it. And yet I still catch a fish every once in a while, you know? We watch sometimes these seasoned pros who are able to go out and they have the boat and they have the right spots and they know exactly what they’re doing and then you’ve got that novice like me that’s on the shore that’s just trying to fumble through.