Faith Time: Jehovah’s Witness “Powerful by Faith”


MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Maintaining Faith in desperate times.  We’re talking with Robert Hendriks, US spokesman for Jehovah’s Witnesses about the theme of their convention this year, “Powerful By Faith”

Guest: The theme comes from Romans chapter 4, talking about Abraham as “the father of all those having faith.”  Abraham is talking about being empowered by faith or made powerful by faith as a result of all the work that he did. In fact, in that scripture, it talks about him being 100 years old and his wife Sarah, 90.  Still, they were able to have a child and that was because of their faith, they had Isaac and he was the father of modern Israel.

Chad:  Why are these stories important?

Guest:  As you look back on men like Moses, Abraham, Noah, Jesus, and his Apostles you see men who went through the same things we go through, Abraham put out of his home, didn’t have his inheritance, he was not able to see the fulfillment of the promises made in his lifetime but he still carried on a life of faith, he was still loyal, he still had a friendship with his God and for the tough times we’re going through, that’s what we need, we need faith

Anchor:  The convention theme cites the stories of prominent Biblical figures like Daniel.  We’re talking about how to apply these stories of faith in our own lives.  

Guest:  You see a young man who was taken into captivity in Babylon who went through many different trials, having to live among people who didn’t share his faith, the trial of having to stand for his faith and as an older man even facing the lion’s den and criticism and death, just because he wanted to pray, laws were being passed against his faith.  When we look at an example like Daniel it tells us we can do it too, because he was just a man just like us.  We also have examples of women of faith, just powerful examples of Sarah, Hannah, we have Rayhab, Mary and when you look at these examples whether male or female, young or old, with faith we can prevail and it gives us the inspiration and example to be able to go on.

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