Faith Time: Immanuel God with us


LOXLEY, Ala. (WKRG) — We are just 6 days away from Christmas, one of the most important Christian holidays. It celebrates the birth of Jesus and for Christians, it shows God in the world among us. Administrative Pastor Kevin Mills with Loxley Church of God joins us, what does Immanuel mean?

Guest: It literally means ‘God with Us. It is the term we associate with the Birth of Jesus Christ in that God made himself flesh and dwelt among us.

Anchor: In what ways was Jesus made real to people as He walked the earth?

The unique aspect of God’s love for humans, and uniquely what sets Him apart from all other deities, is that when God chose to become man and dwell among us, He chose to interact with creation rather than simply create and leave it alone. Jesus becoming Human allows such a deeper level of intimacy with the Almighty bc of the nature and understanding of humanity to God. What that means for us is that no matter what we go through, defeat or triumph, life or death, God truly understands because he has also experienced it.

Anchor: How do God and Jesus affect us on a regular basis?

Guest: Such a great question! I like to think about that not in the terms of the grand scale but rather in the small details of life. To feel God’s love in every smile or hug. To experience Him in the laughter of a child. To see His wonder in every sunrise and sunset is to truly understand the relationship one can have with God. Sometimes we get so caught up in looking for the grand examples that we miss the ones right before our eyes.

Anchor: How does the term Immanuel remind us to prepare for the future?

Guest: It means that we can go confidently in our day-to-day life because He is right there with us. It also means that we may have peace and rest bc He is with us and before us even before the sun rises.

Anchor: In what way is this an important part of the Christmas message?

Guest: It is the Christmas message. It is the Christian message. For whenever the story of God’s immense love for humanity is explained, the story of Christmas is told. It is the root of the entire Christian message: God came because God loved the World. It is simply more than a season. It is the Reason.

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