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MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Dr. Joe Savage, author, speaker and the founding director of Roads of Hope, a non-profit that rescues orphans from being sex trafficked in Eastern Europe joins us. Here’s a look at our conversation.

Fred Wolfe on left

Anchor: We wanted to talk about a hero of the Faith, and you wanted to highlight one man in your life–who is he?

Guest: Chad, I have had many heroes of faith in my life but one we can discuss today is Fred Wolfe, pastor emeritus at Luke 4:18 Fellowship in Mobile and long-term pastor at Cottage Hill Baptist Church. “Bro. Fred”, as he is so affectionately called, has been my pastor, mentor in the ministry, and friend for 47 years.

*Chad, I don’t know if you are aware, but Bro Fred’s wife, Ann, passed away early Friday morning after being ill for quite awhile. So lets pray for him and the Wolfe family.

Anchor: How did his work guide your life?

Guest: I have consistently heard the same two major and most important aspects of life from Bro. Fred my entire life: 1) Jesus is Lord, and 2) the Bible is God’s word to us and holds all truth for life. As a child, teenager, college student, pastor, and even coming back being on staff at Luke 4:18, Bro. Fred has been a consistent source of truth, wisdom, and encouragement and he has always pointed me back to home base being Jesus. When I have gone through my most difficult times in life, from losing jobs to having our two babies pass away, Bro Fred has always been there to give me hope. Same with the entire Savage family. My father, my mother, my brother Phil Savage – we all were influenced by Bro. Fred. Once when Phil was a young coach in the NFL, it had become pretty brutal and Phil questioned if he should be in the toxic environment he was in at the time, he called Bro. Fred who helped him put it back into perspective and now here Phil is 25+ years later still in the NFL.

Anchor: What is Fred Wolfe’s legacy?

Guest: I would say he is the most influential person on the Gulf Coast in the last 50 years. Certainly, there have been many people of influence in the last 5 decades, but who has brought a greater positive influence than Bro. Fred?

1) Ministered on Coast for 50+ years – Most pastors don’t pastor for 60+ years with 50 years of ministry being in the same area. From Cottage Hill where he

pastored 8,000 members for 25 years to Luke 4:18 Fellowship which he started and pastored until his recent retirement at age 82!

2) 100+ people called into ministry – Under his pastoring, more than 100 men and women became pastors, ministers, missionaries.

3) Racial walls shattered – He was a major leader in breaking through racial segregation in the deep south as he baptized and invited blacks into membership at Cottage Hill in the early 70’s

4) SBC leadership – A major reason Southern Baptist churches and seminaries are deemed conservative and Bible-believing is because Fred Wolfe was part of a small group of people who battled behind the scenes to bring a staunch stand for the Bible.

Countless 1000’s have been spiritually impacted by Bro. Fred.

Anchor: Why is it important to have spiritual heroes in your life?

Guest: Our human nature is to drift – drift in the wrong direction. Because we drift, we need people who love us enough that they will share truth and give guidance while instilling hope. These are spiritual heroes.

Anchor: Can anyone be a spiritual hero or is that reserved for pastors?

Guest: Absolutely anyone can be a spiritual hero, but first they must be spiritual. They must live life in such a way that it instills hope and points people to the ultimate hero-Jesus Christ. A grandparent, parent, friend, teacher, coach, neighbor…everyone can be a hero at a moment in time when someone needs hope and help.

Anchor: Are you a spiritual hero to the orphans you help?

Guest: I don’t know if I am or not, but I hope to be. I know we are helping a lot of orphans both physically and spiritually. One thing I have learned is I have to care before I can share. In other words, I’ve got to get the orphans out of traumatic places and into safe homes with loving families. As we do that, the kids see Jesus and gain hope. Right now, I have 101 orphans waiting on me to help them get to safety. I need some heroes to join me in providing for their daily needs. If someone wants to help they can go to

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