ROBERTSDALE, Ala. (WKRG) — Easter has passed for Christians, and now might be the best time for congregations to spread their light into the world. We’re joined by pulpit minister Eric Gray from Robertsdale Church of Christ to talk about why it’s important for members of a congregation to shine.

Guest: It’s because Jesus what is that’s what Jesus called us to do. I think that’s really important to think about as followers of Christ. We have this light that’s within us, but Jesus has placed that light within us for the benefit of others. If you think about what is the point of light if it doesn’t help somebody else out and so I think we’ve been called to shine just to help other people out to be a light in this world, which can sometimes be a pretty dark place.

Anchor: Why is after Easter a good time to be the salt of the earth?

Guest: Yeah, Easter is a big weekend. There are more people that are thinking about Jesus than maybe any other weekend aside from Christmas. And so it’s an opportunity to kind of build on a lot of momentum. There were more people that went to church last weekend or on Easter weekend, maybe even for the first time. Than any other time before and So what that means is more people heard the story of Jesus than any other time. And so as people are thinking about Jesus. It’s an opportunity to continue to share the hope, because that’s where the hope of the Christian faith is found. It’s found in the empty tomb, and so it’s important for us to really be a positive influence and to build relationships to continue talking about the story of Jesus even after Easter weekend has ended.

Anchor: How people can be the light of the world?

Guest: the way that we shine is by doing good works and what that means is, you know, we help somebody that’s in need. It could be somebody that needs you to pray for them, and so you offer to pray or you listen to something that’s going on in their life. Maybe you find a person that’s in need and you buy them a meal.

Or you put them up for a night or you connect them with somebody that can help them out if you’re not able to. Do you send somebody an encouraging note or say an encouraging word? And I even think it’s even in the little stuff like just holding a door open for somebody. Some of those common courtesy things that we don’t always see in 2022, but are really important, and to do those in the name of Jesus for the benefit of other people. That makes a big difference because it’s not what most people expect. Most people, unfortunately, don’t expect people to really be kind anymore.

Guest: Yeah, why is it harder to be the light of the world in a secular world?

Guest: It seems like maybe culture, and I’m not necessarily saying here in the South though, just to some degree, I think it is true that just culture, in general, is growing a little more hostile toward the Christian faith and towards some of the Christian values. I think that’s been going on for a while. But it’s really nothing new because there’s a clash of values here, and that’s been the case since Jesus walked onto the scene.