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Mobile, Ala. (WKRG)  — Pastor Ellis Harper Jr. with Ark of Safety Ministries joins us to talk about his journey getting back into school relatively late in life.  Here’s a look at our conversation.

Chad: We wanted to talk about a topic that’s close to all of us, education–how do you advocate for a good education?

Guest: I have advocated for education by providing a back to school bash where we give away about 400 book bags filled with school supplies. I also push other ministries such as Dr. Wycondia West who are preparing students all over the southern region for ACT prep. Lastly, we have Ark of Safety Christian Academy where we are preparing those kids for excellence.

Chad: How do you get through to young people in the congregation that going to school and staying in school is extremely important?

Guest: I embodied education by leading by example. I started college at 39 years of age. I felt lead to do so to remove all excuses. I currently run three businesses, Pastor a church, And finishing school on top of being a husband and a father of 5 daughters. That’s right in the prime of life I dove right in the fire to inspire others.

Chad: Who in the Bible showed the importance of a good education?

 Guest: think Daniel and Hebrew boys they were trained in all the ways of the Kingdom of God. But needed to learn the language of the world they were in. The king set a course of 3 years of training that says school to me. 2 years is associates and if you load up your classes you can get a bachelors in 3 years not taking off the summers.

Chad: How does a good education prepare someone for a leadership role?

Guest: again once Daniel and the Hebrew matriculated they learned the language and became governors (satraps)

Chad: What’s been the highlight of your education?

Guest: My highlights have been the inspiration that I brought to many of the folks in my life to go back to school. Seeing the impact I made indirectly on the life of others. Brought peace in the midst of my own storms.

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