MOBILE, Ala (WKRG) — Faith time is our weekly discussion on matters of faith and joining us this morning is Bert Park with Government Street United Methodist Church. We want to talk about your unique career. You have gone from medicine to ministry. First, tell us about your career in medicine.

Guest: Well, it could be a long story. I came to the Lord at age 47. I was a neurosurgeon, had 20 years of practice before I started into the mission field when I was 47. Suddenly you know you joined a church. OK? I’m going to go on a mission tour. OK, I’m going to do that. I did that and it changed my life and subsequently I did over 100 mission trips. Broad set during a 20-year period. The next 20 years so.

Neurosurgery is in-depth in and of itself. How do you decide to go from that to becoming a pastor?

Oh, it’s a God thing I spent the last 10 years in Kenya doing a neurosurgical training program. I’m at 10 Wick Hospital and I was offered a position here in mobile having come from Kansas City offered a position in mobile as a pastor because I was in a Bible study and the district Superintendent says say you know a lot about the Bible. Maybe I’ve got a church. I want you to rescue. With those words accept his exact words. I said I can’t do it, I’m in the mission field. God arranged at that time there is a fellow I brought over from the Mayo Clinic who was a resident and he came over and worked with me for two weeks. He says, you know, I think I don’t. I would want to do. This turned out in 2016 in July, the very month I was offered the position at Government Street. You see, that’s God’s providence.