MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Finding peace and healing is a struggle anyone from any faith tradition can have. We’re talking with Author and entrepreneur Ashley Monique about how people can become whole.

Guest: They become whole by knowing what they need to do with their lives, knowing what purpose they have in life, knowing proper self-care in knowing what their passion and destiny is becoming whole is very, very important and you’re not going to be happy or truly successful in life until you become whole.

Anchor: What is the faith component in making people their best selves?

Guest: The faith component is having that strong faith in God, knowing that he will never lead you astray, knowing that he will lead you down the right path and guide you to the proper place that you need to go.

Because God has a purpose and destiny for all of our lives, and he knows a plan. And he knows what we need. To do to be able to properly. Execute so having faith in God to be able to elevate you and propel you to another level, it’s gonna always be amazing. But you have to trust them having that trust, having that faith in God to be able to move you upwardly. It’s gonna be keen and very important.

Anchor: What are signs that you’re broken?

Guest: It can go to the nature of depression wanting to be secluded, bitterness, regret not being happy.

There are a lot of signs to be able to tell that you are there and when you feel that you are there, it’s time to not only probably get some spiritual help, get some type of mental help as well.

Anchor: How people can become whole and how can we build ourselves up through faith?

Guest: there is power in prayer. Whether one knows it and I try, I try it out. I have tried it out. God is definitely a he’s definitely strong. He’s definitely able. He’s definitely willing, so so prayer is very important also being able to get. That spiritual knowledge that you need.

By reading and digging and diving deep into scripture because sometimes we need to be reassured and having those scriptures to be able to reassure us that hey God is for us and he will never leave lead us astray and he will always be there for us no matter what is going on he has. Worked out every situation for our good. So so prayer and dig and deep into Scripture are very important also. Being able to hear God’s word is very important as well. Whether you have a church home that you actually go to, or you may listen to some devotional pieces off of YouTube, you really need to hear that information. You need to read and then. There’s also power in the tongue, so when you speak affirmations into the atmosphere, they are more prone to actually happen, so those are a lot of ways that you can build your faith.

Anchor: How do we know that we’re living our purpose?

Guest: Satisfaction, happiness. I’m feeling like you’re effective and I and I kind of tell individuals this. I had this kind of like a period in my life where I felt like I was not being effective. I realized that I was. I feel like I wasn’t happy and I came to understand that. I wasn’t living in my purpose. I wasn’t living in the calling that God had on my life at the time.

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