Faith Time: Finding unity in the midst of violent political division

Faith Time

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Joining us this morning is Dr. Alan Floyd, lead Pastor at Cottage Hill Baptist Church. The presidential inauguration is coming this week with more anxiety over protests that could turn violent or deadly. Considering the violence at the capital recently, what is the proper response from people of faith?

Guest: I believe, Chad, that we need to first have the attitude and understanding that we, as Christians, have dual citizenship. I am a citizen of the US of America. I love this country. But above and beyond this, I am a citizen of another…a kingdom. And that kingdom is not of this world. The kingdom of Heaven is greater than any political system created by human hands. So, when I have this attitude and understanding, it helps me have the right perspective and therefore response.

Anchor: How does one pray for unity?

Guest: Jesus gave us the example in John 17, when He prayed, “Make them one, just as you are in Father, and I am in you.” So, we pray, Lord make us one. One in focus, one in faith. Open our eyes, Lord, to see as you see.

Anchor: What are things that unify us, that we can rally around?

Guest: I would say, Our Mission. Our mission, as given by our Lord, referred to as the Great Commission and the Great Commandment. Love God, Love Others, seeking to connect them to Jesus Christ. We are to be light in this dark world. To shine brightly the good news of the Gospel. Our hope for our broken world is men, women, of different nationalities, personalities, coming to faith in Christ.

Anchor: Sometimes the passions involved in political issues or causes can leave people feeling sore or angry if we don’t get the outcome we want. How can Christians step away from that while also holding on to principle?

Guest: Again, we must refer to the teaching of Jesus. He said in John 13, “they will know you are my followers if you love one another.” So, I think the overarching principle is one of LOVE. Speak the truth, stand for truth, but do so wrapped and bathed in love. Love must be a priority.

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