Faith Time: Finding peace in pandemic stress

Faith Time

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Joining us this morning is Pastor Sam Sinclair Cloverleaf Baptist Church in Mobile. We recorded this interview last week. The pandemic has had an economic strain on everybody and that can lead to stress and anxiety, how do you recommend dealing with it?

Guest: While it’s natural for us to become consumed with anxiety and worry when the finances get tight, Jesus gives us some amazing direction in Matthew 6. He tells asks us, “Does worry add a single hour to your life?” The answer, of course, is no.

Jesus calls us to trust the generosity of our loving Heavenly Father. Anxiety stems from believing that everything entirely up to me to handle. Instead, we need to recognize that God is Sovereign, He is in control—not us.

Anchor: How can people work on finding their own peace?

Guest: Peace with God is not something we can work on or achieve through effort; it is a gift that we receive by faith. Our natural state is hostility with God because of sin. But through the cross of Christ, we can be reconciled to Him.

Once we are at peace with God, we can then experience peace from God: the deep assurance that everything that happens is under His control and is ordained to make me more like Christ

Anchor: What do you think are the top concerns for people in your congregation?

Guest: I think like most people right now, we’re all facing uncertainty: uncertainties about retirement. About the political climate. About this virus. About the future in general.

Anchor: What can someone do to avoid giving in to despair?

Guest: Quite simply, constantly reminding ourselves that God is absolutely in control. Not just in a distant “Don’t make me come down there” kind of way, but in an active, loving, involved kind of way. He’s always good to His people. So that means that, even if I lose my job, my house, or even my health, nothing eternal has changed and God has not lost control.

On a practical level, turning off the TV and opening the Bible is a great place to start (though not until this segment is done!). Then, get involved in a Bible-believing church. Since despair and depression thrive in isolation, we need the support that comes from being around other Christians

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