Faith Time: finding common ground in faith communities


MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — The Holiday season can sometimes expose our differences even within our own families. It’s also true with faith communities. We’re talking about keeping peace and the importance of faith with Kamal Saleem with Mobile Masjid of Al-Islam What is peace and reconciliation as you define it?

Guest: It means to restore friendship or harmony. There should be certain mutual respect among the Faith Communities. A belief in something greater than yourself is one of the major decisions that one can make. But respect for others and being an example can serve as an influence for those without faith.

Anchor: How do we take steps to achieve it?

Guest: By sitting down and being open to interfaith discussions. Reading books and reading people and cultures. Being conscious of the fact that the true source of faith in God. And that there is One God.

Anchor: How are faith communities important?

Guest: They are very important because life has challenges. There are many complications in life. Spiritual and emotionally draining things. So to be an outlet for moral development, mannerisms, strong ideas of right and wrong. So faith communities aid the entire society in uncountable ways.

Anchor: Where do we often find divisions between faith communities?

Guest: Sadly in ignorance and arrogance. When we assume and seek ways of division rather than commonality. Sometimes just studying or reading rather than accepting half-truths or misinformation. There are remedies if people are open to tolerance and understanding.

Anchor: Why is this work important?

Guest: Because our sanity and spiritual peace depend upon it. We have to live together and the more we understand people that practice or look different than us the better we will fair. Diversity is not bad, it is actually healthy. And when we embrace these basic concepts we all become better.

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