MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — This week has seen the murders of two children killed in Mobile—one an 11-year-old killed in his home, the other a 14-year-old girl. People are trying to get a handle on the violence. We talk with Pastor Dominic Grant with Walk by Faith Christian Ministry in Mobile about his reaction to these back-to-back tragedies.

Guest: They’re not coming back and the families are destroyed, I can only imagine I can’t say I know what they’re going through because both my kids are alive. But, I sympathize and empathize with them that I know it has to be hard. I think it’s gonna take a collective effort from everyone. We’re gonna have to come up with some different strategies. We can’t just keep saying back in our day because we’re not back there anymore. We have to move forward. So we have to find some real strategies and not just talk. My grandmother is 90 or and even now she could tell me and my mom to hush and we’ll hush. But that’s not the day that we’re living in. That’s not the error that we’re. Living in and so we have to get past that move forward and find some real solutions to this problem.

Anchor: What role do you say the church plays in finding those solutions?

Guest: A church got to play a big role. And we, as pastors we’re gonna have to get out of the suits and roll up our sleeves. Get back in the community and implement real change simply because if we don’t change the mindset of these young people, that’s what has to happen.

Anchor: What churches can do next?

Guest: Someone that can go into the community and can listen to see what’s the problem. I think also that if we as a church because we are the church, the people. If we ask, the church would take time and it’s gonna take some resources. You know, take some finances and I think we’ll implement real programs when problems do arise. Because if you don’t change the mindset by saying, here’s something other than what you have.

Anchor: While the facts are not necessarily known in this case, both of these instances do indicate some level of recklessness. How do you fight that?

Guest: A lot of grown folks are acting like children and so it causes reckless recklessness simply because when your life, when your mind is not developed to handle different situations, it causes you to react differently, it causes you to react without thinking.