MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Rob Soto with Enditnow is here. We wanted to talk about the issue of human trafficking and domestic violence. What is it?

Guest: Enditnow is an initiative to advocate for the end of human trafficking, to end the violence and abuse, and to create awareness in the community, to have resources that individuals in the community can come together and access to help end these different horrible things.

Anchor: When we talk about it now specifically, it is an advocacy effort by the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Why does that organization as a whole want to focus really on this issue?

Guest: Well, God created every human being as special as we and we are special to God, God has an expected end for us, and human trafficking is slavery. And it is an attack on all humans and it crosses all kinds of boundaries. And we want to be able to shed the light on this.

And also with domestic violence, it crosses all social and economic boundaries. And even in Christian or non-Christian homes, the statistics are the same with the issues of domestic violence.

Anchor: You talk about shining a light on this issue, but how can we recognize the signs of domestic violence and what can we do about it?

Guest: Well, a lot of times people, survivors, victims, survivors will hide the telltale signs of the abuse. But if we are educating ourselves and being more observant, and caring, that is our goal, to be aware. And that way we can help to share with others. And if we attend workshops, if we watch videos, read books, and join and support organizations such as EndItnow, then that will help with these issues.