Faith Time: Dill Lecture Series 2021


MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) –Every year Dauphin Way United Methodist Church hosts a high-profile faith speaker as part of their Dill Lecture series. This year’s guest is Rev. Dr. Thomas G. Long, he’ll preach at the 10:30 service on Sunday, September 26th, and give a lecture on “The Love of God and the Tragedy of Suffering: What Can We Believe?”

Senior Pastor Michael Precht with Dauphin Way UMC joins us to talk about that subject.

Guest: He was a longtime preacher and teacher of preaching at Candler Seminary in Atlanta, Georgia. Perhaps best known as being named by Baylor University as one of the most effective teachers in the English language, not once but twice, he was one of three preachers. He’s a dynamic speaker and one of the most gifted teachers of communication.

Chad: He will talk about “The Love of God and the Tragedy of Suffering” what can we learn from suffering and crisis?

Guest: I think the first thing is we don’t know that ahead of time, whenever we find ourselves in those situations the most important thing is to be humble, to not presume too much over why this may have happened. Even in senseless things that come into our lives, we learn about what really matters.

Chad: How crisis can make better people?

Guest: Tempered steel is one that applies in certain situations, there can be moments when we are allowed to clarify to solidify our own commitments, what is important to us and to be able I think above all to then have empathy for, advice for, and experience we can share with others so we can share that with people who go through similar things

Chad: What do you hope people learn/take away from this year’s lecture series?

Guest: First of all that there are deep reservoirs of thought and feeling and tradition in the Christian experience that do have something to say about the most difficult times in our lives, we are not simply making this up as we go we have a faith that is something more than what we makeup, the things that stir up the deepest feeling in us is not separate from the deepest thought in us, our deepest thoughts and feelings can be tended.

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