MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Faith Time is our weekly conversation on matters of faith. People turn to their faith in times of trouble. Edward Connick is the Public Safety Chaplain for the City of Mobile joins us to talk about how they help people dealing with loss.

Guest: Well, everyone deals with loss differently. It depends on their experience of a lifetime, how previous deaths they handle it, and also how well they handle bad news and everything. It’s just a life experience. Depending on the loss itself in relationship with the person that died, the circumstances in which they died.

If it was a long-range illness and people were expecting that it was a terminal illness and they would be anticipating grief, so their grief would be different from those who would die of sudden death, like in a car wreck or a homicide or a heart attack, they’d be different because it wouldn’t expect.

Anchor: How do we stop ourselves from being trapped in despair?

Guest: Well there again two we have to roll our faith to help us through things and understanding that you know we all here in a short period of time and that we need to honor the person that died and you know and recognize their importance in our lives, their relationship with us it’s missing and we are expected to continue on in our life.