MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Joining us this morning is Calvin Martin with New Light Baptist Church. We are talking about the time after the resurrection, and what Jesus did with his remaining days on Earth. We were talking about his meeting with Thomas and proving that he was real and resurrected. How do we confront doubt in our own lives?

Guest: Well, I can only explain it in my life as well. It’s when situations are from situations or people. Yeah. That will cause us to kind of fall a little bit. Our faith becomes a little frail. But one thing we have assurance that Christ is always there when we need him. Greater is he that is in us, that that helps us to produce that faith, that keeps us going.

Anchor: How do we know that our faith is true and real and in our hearts?

Guest: By the Word of God. I love the Word of God. It’s it comforts me. It even let me see myself sometimes. And the word and that is the best faith that you can have with his righteousness. You know, So I love God’s Word.

Anchor: How can we be more like Jesus as we go through our lives day to day as Christians?

Guest: And I would love to encourage someone today to let them know that that faith is covered by hearing. And when we hear God’s Word and we live according to God’s Word. Trust me, I know for myself when. When you know Christ. Oh, thank you, sir. When you know Jesus, I promise you, it brings joy. It brings peace that passes all understanding.