Faith Time: Churches continue struggle as pandemic wanes in US


MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — The pandemic has changed churches and the church habit forever. Recently I spoke with Government Street Baptist Church Pastor Charles Brown. What are the biggest changes you’ve seen in the last year?

Guest: First is seeing the faith of people being challenged in their special relationship with the Lord. Second, attendance in church and commitment of people to programs of the church. Third, the church is able to minister to the community because of the pandemic. Fourth, the financial stability of the church.

Anchor: What aspects of churches do you fear may never recover?

Guest: It is said that it is a possibility that over 50% of church congregations will not regather. I fear that we will not recover the great fellowship that the church has known in the past. It is a possibility that the church will not recover the important ministries we have had in the community. The church may not recover being the shelter, security, and safety as we have
known in the past.

Anchor: What are examples of pandemic perseverance that give you hope?

Guest: It is my hope that our people will rediscover the value of their faith. My hope is that our people see the importance of church spiritual leadership and Christian living will be reevaluated. It is hoped that we have learned something from this pandemic. We will now consider our faith more important than before. It is my hope that there would be a spiritual awakening and revival in the land because of what this pandemic has brought to us.

Anchor: What do you pray for this year?

Guest: I pray for people who are very fearful about life itself. I pray for those who are very depressed. I pray for those who have lost the vision of America. I pray that the church will
become a beacon and light to the world. I pray that we have learned to live together in adversity and strange situations. | pray that our communication, the media, social, and political agendas will be truthful about what is said and done that people hear.

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