Faith Time: changing a church’s name

Faith Time

James C. Johnson formerly of “Pine Forest Estates Baptist Church” now called “NorthStone Baptist Church.”  joins us to talk about their name change.  Here’s a look at our conversation:  

Chad:    We should clarify, your church has changed its name from Pine Forest Estates Baptist to NorthStone.  Why the change? 


  The name Pine Forest Estates Baptist Church was a mouthful. It’s 5 words but 1 name.  Not only that but less than a mile away is a church with a very similar name; “Pine Forest Baptist Church”  People were often getting the two churches confused.  We are now known as NorthStone Baptist Church which is a unique name with huge biblical significance.   


  What is the significance of the new name and what did you want it to stand for? 


  In the Bible, the word “north” is occasionally used as a synonym for heaven. (Isaiah 14:13)  

That Stone is Jesus of Nazareth.  


  How important is a church’s name and what does changing it do to its mission? 


  Our mission is still the same but the name change helps define that mission a little more clearly. In 1 Peter 2:6, Peter called the people of God to be “lively Stones.”   

Just as our church has for 41 years, we plan to continue to be “lively stones,” enthusiastically preaching and teaching the exclusive way North, to heaven through the tried, precious cornerstone that is the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  

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