MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — August but we’re in the thick of back-to-school sea season. Beth Gardner with Baptist Campus Ministries talks to us about discipleship when it comes to the college crowd.

Guest: We encourage them to come and be a part of our discipleship. Small groups where we’re going to pour into them and we’re going to help them to grow in their faith and then, therefore, transfer that over to share with others. One of the things our students often say is we want them to be disciples who make disciples, by pouring into somebody by mentoring them.

Anchor: What sort of campus outreach does your organization do?

Guest: Weekly we go on the campus of the University of South Alabama with an outreach table and the purpose of that is just to meet students and to tell them more about Baptist Campus Ministries but also to listen to them, and I think that’s really important to hear their story to share our story and to show the gospel with them, and you’d be surprised at how receptive students are to talking about spiritual matters

Anchor: What are mission opportunities and why are they important?

Guest: So we offer fall break in spring break. We offer submission opportunities to go and serve and then with one mission, students from our state of Alabama, we offer Christmas trips and summer trips and I’m very fortunate that I get to help lead some of those. And it’s important for students to go and serve on a mission because they’re getting to share with others, the gospel they’re getting to serve others, and oftentimes when they’ll go and do that somewhere else, they’ll come back home, or they come back to their campus and they’ll transfer that and they’ll serve others there.

I feel like one of the greatest challenges is when you meet a student who has grown up in church and so they are kind of banking their, without their church attendance, and that’s always a challenge because they’re equating that “well I grew up in church and you know, my church attendance was important to me” and they don’t understand all about what it means to follow Jesus. They think it’s just enough to be good or just to go to church, so that’s always a challenge.

Anchor: What is the biggest joy, you find in this work?

Guest: Oh, that’s an easy question for me to answer. I love meeting with girls weekly in discipleship, and small groups for Bible studies. Just hearing what God’s doing in their life and also you know how they’re making an impact on their campus by having gospel conversations with their roommates, classmates, other students, and students. Organizations and then getting to serve alongside them on mission trips. Hearing them, you know, tell me about how they’re going to go serve on a mission. That just thrills me because I know the impact, it’s going to have on their life. It’s all about. That daily commitment to follow Jesus that yes, they may have prayed a prayer and committed their life to him at one point, but that was not the end that was just the beginning.