LOXLEY, Ala. (WKRG) — New things can be intimidating—a new church, while welcoming can be uncertain. We talk with Loxley Church Pastor Brandon Morrison about how you invite someone to church

Guest: For everybody to know and understand that just being bold about inviting people is the most important thing. Go to your friends, go to your neighbors, and invite them to church. Discipleship is the most important thing, and that’s what we do while we do what we do. And so as you know, today in our era so many people are looking for various things from church. They have different expectations and so I also think it’s important to have varying venues and different ways of inviting people.

And I like to encourage people to be specific about inviting people to church relative to their needs.

For example, invite them to a fellowship or the gathering, or invite them to attend a life group something very, very specific that may meet their needs as an individual or as a family, but just go for it and invite them to church and have fun with it, but keep their heart in mind. It’s always more than just numerical growth in numbers, but make sure we’re reaching out from a discipleship perspective and doing our best to meet their needs.

Anchor: How does someone know that a house of worship is a good fit for them and their family.

Guest: I think you have to judge by the fruit. You know it’s important to make sure that they sense the inspiration from God while they’re at church, you know and if if you’re growing, if you’re having opportunities to serve and be developed. If you’re meeting people, making relational connections in the life of the church, those things are all important standards, but it also has to be more than just checking a box list. You know, checking your list off, you have to make sure that you’re sensing and feeling and knowing that the inspiration from God is there that you feel the love of God.

Anchor: What questions people can ask if they’re looking for a new church.

Guest: One of the most important things someone should consider is the teaching of the church. You know, does the church align with your individual failings and interpretations of Scripture? Do you sense truth being preached in the church? This is something very important. Also, I would ask things like the history of the church are important. Sometimes you know get to know other people who are the leaders at the church. Other opportunities for you and your family to grow and to connect with people at the church.