MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — The 2021 school year is underway. In a lot of cases, children from families of faith will head into largely secular institutions. We’re talking with John Breland with SouthCoast Church. What do you pray for as the school year begins?

Guest: I don’t think anything changes, certainly that we pray over our kids, certainly for health, for protection, safety is something I think goes without saying. Regardless of where we are, people need Jesus, we believe He’s the answer to the world’s problems. I believe, especially for the younger students going back, depending on what they’ve heard there’s a lot of anxiety and fear and I’ve been preaching for a year and a half over COVID, faith over fear. The best antidote for a fearful world is a young person full of faith. I would pray that they would be full of faith as they go back into the classroom and as they interact with other students for me those are huge things to pray about.

Anchor: When it comes to kids and a new school year, what new anxieties are you seeing that you may not have seen in years past?

Guest: I think we’re all aware of the heightened sense of anxiety and fear, we’re doing ministry or counseling. I think for kids don’t they have enough to deal with, new classrooms, new schools, new relationships.

Compound that with the news and all those things, it’s a powderkeg if we’re not careful, we have to monitor with kids what we are exposing them to.

Anchor: School rules with separation of church and state can sometimes clash with students of faith. How can students be witnesses in this environment?

Guest: Our kids just came back from youth camp I would say a student that is on fire for God and full of the Lord, our theme was a fire to inspire and they would change the atmosphere in all the environments they go into, for me, it’s no different regardless of the school they go to, it’s an individual responsibility to carry the manifest presence of Christ with you wherever you go. That’s what I encourage everyone to do.

Anchor: What can parents do to get their kids spiritually ready for school?

Guest: The best way to have a good Monday is to get your kids to church on Sunday, my wife and I had five kids, a couple of them are married we made a decision “as for me and my house we’re going to serve the Lord” growing up it was never an option for me as a young person, so train them up when they’re young and they’ll follow the ways of the Lord. I just say just keeping those environments alive in your home is the best way to prepare.

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