MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Faith time is our weekly conversation on matters of faith. In joining us this morning is Alan Floyd with Cottage Hill Baptist Church. We wanted to talk about a big topic this morning. How can the church deal with increasing rates of depression?

Guest: Well, of course, we have seen pre-COVID that the numbers of depression, discouragement, and those types of anxiety issues increased. But then with COVID, there’s been literally an epidemic across our nation. First of all, we recognize that it is a reality. We don’t try to ignore it. But we recognize it, and then we’ve actually brought in professional Christian counselors to come in and train some of our staff. As pastors, we can speak to the topic. There are some of our heroes of the Faith, Abraham, Moses, and Elijah, who struggled with these areas, and we can speak into their lives and use those biblical examples. This has been an acute issue, particularly with teenage girls.

Anchor: How can a church be helpful with that demographic in particular?

Guest: Again, we’ve seen that increase in the latest CDC report, again, an epidemic among these teenage girls, self-image discouragement, and anxiety. We’ve again partnered with local Christian professional counselors to come and help train some of our pastoral staff, whether it’s a student minister or small group leader. And then we’ve actually tried at least once a year to do a seminar to help equip parents, and then again, if we can deal with it and help parents to understand. Don’t ignore the emotion. Don’t dismiss it. The emotions, their child’s feelings are are are. But how can we not let them camp out there but move them out of those emotions into truth?