Faith Time: A “Gospel Lens”

Faith Time

Mobile, Ala. (WKRG) — Pastor David Cagle with Crosspoint Church joins us to talk about putting the Gospel first in all things.  Here’s a look at our conversation:  

Chad:  We wanted to talk about living life with a “Gospel Lens” in mind–what does that mean to you?  

Guest: To encourage someone to view life through a “Gospel Lens” is really encouraging someone to see things as they really are. A lens, by nature, is something that changes the way we see things. If you wear contacts or glasses, you have a lens that helps you see things clearly. That’s what the Gospel does for us.   The Gospel helps us see that we are imperfect people in need of a Savior – and His name is Jesus.  The Gospel also teaches us that His Spirit “seals” His children and begins to transform them.
Romans 8:11 teaches us that the same power that raised Jesus from the grave is the same power that gives life to our mortal bodies also… So when we view our lives through a “Gospel Lens”, we’re recognizing that we need the Lord – not only for salvation but also for sanctification – holiness. 

Chad:  How do you apply this lens to say marriage or parenting?  

Guest: That’s a great question. The best thing a husband can do is to point his wife to Christ, and the best thing any wife can do is to encourage their husband to walk with the Lord. Because that’s when you see marriages function the way they were designed to function. That’s when you see husbands and wives denying themselves, loving selflessly, and offering forgiveness. That happens when we view our marriages through a Gospel Lens – we are flawed and we need the Lord.  I think the same could be said about parenting. The most important thing any Christian can do in the realm of parenting is to point their children to Christ. Teach them the beauty of what Christ has done for them and how He alone can satisfy the longings of their hearts. As I’ve heard it said before, Christians should strive to “shepherd the hearts of their children” to the Lord. 

Chad: What’s the hardest part of making the “lens” part of our default approach to life?

Guest:  Probably the hardest part of applying a “Gospel Lens” is that we tend to take pride in what “we” can accomplish. I think that’s partly what Prov. 3 is referring to when it says to “lean not on your own understandings”. It take s a lot of humility to deny our sinful thought patterns on a daily basis, but the Spirit makes it possible for us as a follower of Jesus Christ.

Chad:  How do you expect people might see their lives change if they approached all things with the Gospel first?

Guest: There’s a big difference between what you might call man-oriented change and supernatural Spirit-led change. We’ve seen the Lord change hearts and lives in pretty amazing ways, and we look forward to seeing Him continue to do that as we proclaim the Gospel and make disciples.

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