GULF BREEZE, Fla. (WKRG) — It’s baby season at the Gulf Breeze Zoo! The popular zoo, located on Highway 98 just east of Gulf Breeze, Fla. is teeming with spring babies ranging from orangutans to albino alligators.

Two of the most popular babies are orangutans Isadora and Satu. Satu was born January 20th and is bonded with his mom, Sara. Isadora, also known as “Izzy,” is 8 months old. She is being hand raised by zoo personnel.

“Unfortunately, her mom didn’t provide the correct maternal care, so we’re working on hand raising her and introducing her to our congress of orangutans,” explained Zoo Director Jamie McMaster.

McMaster says the breeding program at the zoo is important because so many animals around the world are losing population due to a loss of habitat. To have two orangutan babies in one year at the zoo is an unusual, and very happy, outcome.

“It’s an amazing testament to the care that we provide here to be able to have two baby orangutans in one year.” Zoo personnel add that the care is critical because, they say, when animals are healthy and happy, they do what nature intended and that is have babies!

Some of other high-profile babies include Cora the giraffe, Pluto and Jupiter the spectacled owls, and an assortment of creatures including albino alligators.

“All babies here at the zoo are important. They are ambassadors. They make our guests care and really get connected to the animals here so that they want to conserve the animals out in the wild.

The Gulf Breeze Zoo is open this Mother’s Day and mothers who visit the park will be treated to complimentary “MOM-OSAS!” For more information go the zoo’s website