Drexel on the Road: Kindergartners Talk About Love on Valentine’s Day

Drexel on the Road

(WKRG) — It’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air. Love is also on the minds of some kindergartners this week. We went on the road to Beulah Elementary School for some Valentine’s crafts and conversations about love.

Q: What is Valentine’s Day about?

A: “It’s about love and sharing.” (McKenzie, age 6)

“It’s about loving and giving candy.” (Austyn, age 5)

“You help others.” (Aldon, age 7, 1st grade)

Q: What is love?

A: “Love is like, if you see somebody and your heart goes boom! “Has your heart gone boom?” Nods yes. “For who?” A: “A lot of people. I can’t name them all. It’s just too much.” (Pax, age 6)

A: “It’s making people happy.” (Austyn, age 5)

A: “Love is like, well, like I love my grandma.” (Aldon, age 6)

Q: Are you in love?

A: “Yes.” Q: Who are you in love with?” A: “My mom.” (Hayden, age 6)

A: “No! I’m just a kid!” (Gabriel, age 5)

Q: How does it feel to be in love?

A: “When you love someone, you draw pictures of them and stuff.” (Hayden, age 6)

A: “Your heart gets bigger and you get happier.” (Austyn, age 5)

Q: “How does love make you feel inside?” A: “Happy.” Q: “Makes you nervous?” A: “Yes.” Q: “And what do you do when you’re nervous? A: “I smile weirdly.”

Q: “What do people in love do?

A: “They go out on dates.” (Hayden, age 6)

A: “And adults marry each other.”

Q: “Are you going to get married?” (Nods yes.) “When?” A: “When I grow up.” Q: “Do you have a girlfriend? A: “NOOOOO!!!!! I don’t have a sister or a girlfriend!” (Gabriel, age 5)

Q: “Do you have a boyfriend?”

A: “My dad won’t let me.” (Austyn age 5)

A: “Yes.” Q: “What’s his name?” A: “No one.” Q: His name is ‘no one?” A: Nods yes. (McKenzie, age 6)

Q: “Do you have a girlfriend?”

A: “Uh-uh.” “You don’t?” “Uh-uh.” “Do you want a girlfriend?” “Uh-uh.” Laughs. (Aldon, age 6)

While romantic love may be a long way off, we found the kids are learning what love looks like in other ways, for instance, in the kitchen at home.

“My mom loves me. She cooks puh-sketti (spaghetti) and pus-sagna (lasagna) and any kind of food I like. I love my brother, Logan, because he gives me hugs and shares his food with me.” (Gabriel, age 5)

They find and see love on the playground.

“You can show love by letting others play on your playground and playing with them.” (Austyn, age 5)

When they see a friend being bullied…

“You say stop, please stop.” (Aldon, age 6)

And when they see someone who’s sad.

“You give them a hug and say ‘are you okay?’ and they’re gonna come back happy.” (Austyn, age 5)

“You can play with them and you can help them.” (Hayden, age 5)

Wise words from children. Wise words adults can take to “heart” on this Valentine’s Day.

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