A new place with an old feel has people coming together to relive old times in Pensacola’s East Hill. Drexel Gilbert takes us on the road to a place where you should take your appetite… for history!

In a neighborhood that’s an eclectic blend of old and new, Pensacolians are coming together to share a meal… and memories. 

The Brew Ha Ha! restaurant in East Hill is getting attention, not just for the food, but for the “feel.” The building is loaded with artifacts and replicas of Pensacola’s history.

Owner Angela Thames Walker spent time gathering just the right pieces for a trip through time. 

“This is a Greyhound dispatcher uniform that would have been worn during the same era as this booth, which we’re pretty sure came from the Pensacola area.” 

Pieces of the original, iconic Pensacola Beach sign, recovered after Hurricane Ivan, hang on one wall. 

Even in the bathroom, you’ll find walls are papered with vintage Pensacola yearbook photos. 

“The memorabilia on the back wall, if you were a traveler back in the day and we went with the 40’s era. These are some of the things that you would’ve had in your suitcase.” 

A tribute to the 12th Avenue oaks leads outside to a throwback of 1950’s era Ft. Pickens campgrounds But the centerpiece… is a replica of the ever-popular Graffiti Bridge. If you’ve never painted the real bridge, you can leave your mark on this one, with magnetic letters retrieved from an antique mailbox. 

Walker says about 90% of the items in the restaurant are from the Pensacola area.