BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — Whether you’re five or 85, there’s just something fascinating about watching a train go up and down the tracks.

George Nelson is a train enthusiast who lives in Baldwin County.

“I grew up in the depression days in Benton, Louisiana,” Nelson said. “I got excited every time a train came through. I would hear it and would run out the front door down to the corner then look and see it coming. I had a dream as a little boy that I wanted to become a locomotive engineer.”

Instead, Nelson became a chemical engineer and trains became his lifelong hobby. He’s lived in different places throughout his life but always had his trains with him.

“I even took a small train with me when I went into the Navy,” Nelson said. “Not a working train, but a small one to remind me of my love of trains.”

George has two working train layouts in his house, one is his “train room,” and one is in his garage. He also shares his love of the rails with others when he volunteers at the Foley Railroad Museum and Model.

“We have a lot of kids that come and visit us there, and they get really excited,” Nelson said. “It’s important for kids and all of us to remember the importance of trains not just today but in the development of this country.”

If you’d like to visit the Foley Railroad Museum and Model Train Exhibit, it’s located at the corner of Highways 59 and 98 in Foley just behind the Welcome Center. Additionally, George and his fellow model train enthusiasts will have a display at Railfest 2023 on Nov. 11 and Nov. 12. The event is being held at the Pensacola Interstate Fairgrounds. You can find more information, here.